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1 Month of Anaïs

by Stepha on May 8, 2014

The best shot we could manage out of her

I can’t quite believe it, but a month has passed since sweet Anaïs entered our world. It’s been challenging and wonderful at the same time. We’re both making new friends lately, and have even gone on a couple baby dates with local moms. Slowly but surely, we’re getting in a groove and finding out our rhythm.

She discovered her hands and has started grabbing and holding on to our clothes, and just yesterday discovered she can also grab mama’s hair lol. Her smiles melt our heart, though I’m not quite sure she yet knows what she’s doing. She’s beginning to be more alert when awake, and sometimes fixates on specific items. She loves her mama milk, and has some pretty hilarious nursing positions. It’s so funny, that even at such a young age there is so much personality.

Looking forward to what the next 4 weeks have to offer.

  • Florence

    Awww, so precious! Hope you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day!

    • Stepha

      Thanks Florence :)

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