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Baby Sockwell is…

by Stepha on November 15, 2013

So we got our detailed scan done yesterday. It went amazingly well!! I had no idea what to expect but was excited to see all of the body part, and our very active babes moving all about.

We decided to delay the gender reveal just by a few hours, and made our way to our favorite bakery post scan to have them select “gender designated” cupcakes to be revealed once we were home.

Remember, I swore up and down that I KNEW baby was a boy. That is until 18.5 weeks where I felt confused and declared “I don’t know anymore”, lol.

See the big reveal below, and listen very carefully because we were so excited that I was just mumbling, Chris was clapping and we completely forgot to show the cupcakes.

Other Updates This Week


The baby has been very active for a while now, but I’ve barely felt it and would always second guess what I was really feeling. Not anymore! My boo is in there doing summersaults, roundhouse kicks, squat jumps and I definitely feel it!

Belly is definitely showing even though according to most people you can barely tell. I’ve pretty much resorted to leggings and a shirt/sweater as my uniform, throw a blazer on top and it’s my work outfit, ha!

Going to try to bang out some posts about my fitness routine, and my recent outing to the Big City Moms Shower in the coming days. For now though, this mama is tired and needs a midnight snack.


  • Kristie

    I think your baby girl is doing more exercise than me. ha ha!

  • Sacha

    Ahhhh Steph!!! How amazing is that, congrats hunnie! Thnx for sharing such a special moment with the rest of us. I’m sooooo excited for you mama -xo

    • Stepha

      Thank you my love :)

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