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My Sweet, Happy Girl is 2 Months

by Stepha on June 10, 2014

Anaïs turned 2 months over the weekend. She now weighs 11.2lbs and is 23.5 inches long. It’s been so fun watching the developmental milestones the last few weeks;

She’s more alert now when awake, often smiling at us and cooing
She loves to grab (and hold on to) her hair, especially when nursing
She’s a pretty chill baby, doesn’t cry much except for fussy time or when she’s super tired and is fighting sleep
She loves to be outside, when she’s fussy we just bring her out on the stoop and she immediately settles down
She laughed for the first time the other day while in the bath, of course stopped when I went and got the camera

If you notice from the top picture, her one eye is a little funky. The ped said she has a slight crossed eye, but it should resolve on its own by 6 months when the ocular muscles are stronger. I was a bit freaked by it at first, but I stopped worrying. She’s still the most perfect girl that ever existed.

Chillin’ with Papa at the park

Girls wear blue too!

Requesting privacy from camera crazy mama
she needs her privacy, lol

Cuzzie Tilly came for a visit, it was instant love!
She met cuzzie Tilly for the 1st time this weekend. Oh the love!

  • Florence

    Awww, she’s too precious! How time flies!

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