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Vlog: What’s in Mama Stepha’s Bag

by Stepha on April 3, 2014

It should come as no surprise that I’m opting for a completely natural, un-medicated birth experience providing all continues to go well. But even so, it’s good to prep some items that may help with easing some of the pain and making the overall experience more comfortable. I did a quick vid on some of the things in my bag of tricks, clearly I’m not speaking from experience so look for a follow up on what I found helpful or completely useless. Also, I didn’t realize how super congested I was until halfway through the video, that sniffling is kinda awful… my bad.

Things Mentioned:

Seraphine Nightie: So soft and comfy, I will live in this for a while I think. I wish they had more colors
Side Snap Tees: both long and short sleeved
Magnesium Oil :To keep calm and provide pain relief
Aromatherapy: Iris Oils-Massage Oils for Childbirth: For massages and general use throughout each stage of labor. Heating pads from Crampcakes filled with flax seeds and dried herbs.
Essential oils: Lavender, Clary Sage ,Peppermintand Ylang Ylang Not necessary, but I had them so I figured just in case.
Herbal Tinctures: Motherwort,and Cramp Bark for after pains, and Myrrh for umbilical cord
For Mama’s Tender Bottom: Earth Mama Angel Baby Spray and Postpartum Bath Herbs
Baby Bath: Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and the Angel Baby Oil
Natural Calm: to help sleep well at least ward off any possible constipation issues.

Things Not Mentioned:

Birth Plan: Some people don’t think it’s necessary, but I’d rather be prepared, and feel that I had a say, rather than showing up and had people make all of the decisions for me. So I have 2 versions one for if things go as planned and one for an emergency.
Music: Having a playlist never crossed my mind until my doula brought it up, and I’m like that totally makes sense. So I have my zen pregnancy and birth songs, and then my playlists of songs I use to pump me up etc.
Snacks: I’m very particular about what I will or won’t eat, so I will have my nuts, nut butters, coconut flakes etc on hand to eat when I can.

  • Amanda Gillespie

    yes yes yes you MUST have music. And a hair tie. IMO thats all you need. Ha! And you are spot on to have a good variety. We had a few hours of music and every time the OB or a nurse came in they commented on how calm the room was. We kept the lights off/dimmed and the music on. It was so helpful to breathe with the music.

  • Florence

    Very informative video – I’m going to need all the pointers I can get. :)

    • Stepha

      Don’t worry!! I definitely got you when the time comes :)

      Sent from Stepha’s iPhone

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