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Week 18- Throw Some D’s On That

by Stepha on November 5, 2013

So last week I was at a strip mall, that happened to have a Victoria’s Secret, so I decided to go in. I’m not usually a fan, but lately my cup overfloweth, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get measured and get a new bra or two. The convo went a little something like this;

Sales Lady: You’re a 34D

Me: um come again…Don’t you mean C?

SL: (laughing) I get that a lot, but no you’re definitely a D sweetie, I’ll bring you a couple styles to try on.

Still convinced I couldn’t possibly have gone 2 full cups sizes already, I tried on my C. It fit, but there was some spillage. I just laughed and shook my head. I better enjoy these puppies while they last then!

Other Updates

Body changes: My pants officially don’t fit, that didn’t take long huh? There are a couple I can button if I try really hard, but then it’s so uncomfortable, it’s not even worth it. I’ve been doing the Bella Band thing the last few days but that’s gonna get old very quick. Oh and I also grew a booty out of nowhere, no complaints about that though!

Appetite: I can’t seem to stay full on most days. Still not craving anything specific, but put something in front of me that I like and it doesn’t have a chance!

Sleep is critical: I had a jam packed week last week, and a couple things threw me off of my normal pattern, and I felt like death. One day I came home, passed out face down, suit still on, drooling and all. No bueno. Taking it very easy this week.

Stupid questions: ahh and so it begins! My favorite this week was “What are you hoping for?” It’s not so much the question but the way it is worded that irks me. So as to suggest there would be some kind of disappointment if I didn’t get what I “hoped” for. While, I do have an inkling that baby S may be a boy, I will be equally as excited if it’s a girl or boy. Holy sh*t, it’s a baby…our baby, like, one we can’t return, pretty cool huh?!

Pretty cool.

We find out for sure in less than 2 weeks. We spoke about doing a reveal party, but never decided for sure. Either way there will be delicious Babycakes treats involved. Win, win.

  • mylifeinmascara

    So happy for you both!!! Can’t wait to meet baby Sockwell! Enjoy your D’s ;)

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